Abstract Fields on Canvas – Series 2

paintings that have been sold

Series 1 Series 2 Series 3
Autumn Meadow II Autumn Meadow II  
Butterfly Field II Butterfly Field II  
Butterfly Field Study Butterfly Field Study  
Butterfly Field V Butterfly Field V  
Dandelion Dance Dandelion Dance  
Dandelion Weave Dandelion White I  
Dandelion White I Dandelion White I  
Golden Meadow Golden Meadow  
Marigolds III Marigolds III  
Meadow III Meadow III  
Misty Meadow Study II Misty Meadow Study II  
Nodding Thistles VI Nodding Thistles VI  
Sunflower Patch Sunflower Patch  
Sunny Meadow I Sunny Meadow I  
Thistle Dance I Thistle Dance I  
Thistle Patch III Thistle Patch III