Where to View
Ted's Works on Canvas

Ted Cowart's abstract and representational paintings on canvas can be viewed at the artist's gallery and studio located in the Upper Kirby area of Houston, Texas. The Gallery is open by appointment only. To schedule a visit, call 713.526.5538 or send an appointment request. For more information, view galleries. To review Ted's currently available portfolio, visit his abstract or representational paintings.

Where to View
Ted's Works on Paper

Ted Cowart's works on paper can be viewed at Arden's Gallery at 239 Westheimer.

Meet the Artist

Ted Cowart works in a variety of media on both canvas and paper. His paintings are included in many private and public collections. To learn more about the artist, read his biography, view some of his recent articles or installations, or watch one of his videos.

Contact the Artist

Ted works directly with art consultants, interior designers, galleries and collectors. To contact the artist about a specific painting or commission, call 713.526.5538 or email his studio. To receive notification of future exhibitions, join Ted's email list.